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AquaComfort Water Group offers pool water care products from the most innovative and efficient manufacturers in the industry. 

We are AquaComfort. We are dedicated to the idea that getting in your pool should always feel good. In pursuit of that ideal, we pace the Pool industry in the design, development, and manufacture of high-quality pool heaters, chillers, and sanitation systems.

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Welcome to our brands. Discover more about perfecting your pool water with heat pumps, water chillers, pool sanitation systems, and more.


Solaxx develops innovative and intuitive solutions for pool water sanitation.


AquaComfort Solutions designs and builds heat pump pool heaters and chillers.


Our pool Products are made for comfort

Learn more about water treatment and pool sanitation systems from Solaxx and temperature control systems from AquaComfort Solutions.


For more than 25 years, AquaComfort Water Group brands have designed and built efficient, affordable pool heat pumps and pool sanitation systems. Our heating systems achieve energy efficiency by warming pool water with heat extracted from the air, while our pool sanitation systems use natural ultraviolet light and ozone gas to eliminate contaminants. 

AquaComfort Water Group products are intuitive, durable, and made in the U.S.A. We offer competitive warranties with our products and select only the most knowledgeable dealers who are ready to guide customers to the very best products for their pool size, style, and location. Our reliable, climate-gentle, high-performance products are used in more than 100,000 pools around the country.


Brands of AWG:


AquaComfort products are designed to deliver value and efficiency. More than 100,000 pools nationwide are heated with AquaComfort products. Our products deliver more heat at lower temperatures for less cost than other heaters. We offer a range of heat pumps to integrate with varying pool sizes and types and with pools in different climates. AquaComfort also offers options for quickly and efficiently cooling your pool during the hottest part of the season.


Affordable, Intuitive Water Care Solutions. Solaxx Water Treatment Solutions offers affordable, user-friendly water sanitation systems for residential pools. With over ten years of expertise, our engineers design and subject products to rigorous testing to ensure top-notch performance. Solaxx's commitment to detail enables us to provide industry-leading warranties to our 100,000 valued customers.

Perfection Is Our Trademark.

At AquaComfort Water Group, we don’t make pools, and we don’t make the water that goes in them. We make the water better; we make the water ready; we make the water you want to dip your soul in and water you don’t ever want to get out of. We make Perfection.


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